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Nut Sedge

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This page is designed for the sole purpose to help you identify your current weed control problem. We are glad to provide this free service to you to help you to get more information on your pest control problems.

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96842_1189778Sedges typically thrive in wet areas that are over watered or have poor drainage. They are mostly perennial and spread by seeds or underground tubers.

Once established, sedges can be difficult to control. Repeated applications of weed control products throughout the growing season along with correcting the conducive conditions that allowed the sedge to establish will provide a degree of relief.

You can beat this weed through a properly maintained landscape that is not stressed by insects, diseases, drought or nutrient imbalance. Proper mowing heights for your type of also prevent the invasion of weeds.

If you still can’t beat nut sedge, call us, we can help.